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How to join the 102ndRoF - Italian_Bandit - 14-04-2018

So you've decided to sign your life away and place your fortunes in the hands of the 102nd. Here is what to do to become a fully-fledged member of this most gallant regiment:
1) Understand that the 102nd is a semi-casual regiment. This means that while we take our training and line events seriously we do enjoy mucking around during down-time. Serious time for serious time, casual time for casual time.
2) Many of our members play many different games as well! Hearts of Iron, Blackwake, Planetside 2 and Total War games are but a few of what members of our community enjoy playing within the 102nd.
3) If the 102nd sounds like the community for you add Italian_Bandit AND 102nd_Wrench on Steam for a formal introduction to the group. Make sure to also make an account on this forum Wink
4) You will be given a 3 week trial period within the 102nd. If you fit in and enjoy yourself you will be offered a place within the regiment. How active you want to be is up to you but the more you put in the more you will get out of it Smile

RE: How to join the 102ndRoF - Speckles - 07-05-2018