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Full Version: Rulebook
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Welcome to Dead Head Gaming! 
We are happy to host and serve you on our forums and in-game! 
We believe that everyone should have a great time in our societies, be treated fair and welcomed warmly. Make yourself familiar with our rules and remember that you can always message any queries to our admins and moderators!


We do not tolerate hatred, that is racial, social, ethnical, because I feel like so, because I am offended,  discriminations. If a member behaves wrongfully, report him / her to our administration and we will address the issue. 

We the language pleasant to read, curses are part of expressing ourselves, but shouldn't be a comma. We post topics and discuss threads, not browse trash. 

We do not post inappropriate content, while explicit imagery can be entertaining, this is not a place for explicit sexual / similar content.

We are various gaming societies, check and obey any additional rules of other societies in their forum areas.

We avoid spam, miscommunication, and clutter. Keep discussions informative, if participating in discussions on Teamspeak, Mumble, Discord, or other voice services, especially during events, we behave orderly and follow PTS (Permission To Speak) protocol when required.


Forums have a structure and organisation, avoid posting in wrong categories. Little penalties apply for mistakes, the post is likely to be moved, yet order should always be in fashion. 

Avoid digging up very old threads. In general old or resolved threads will be closed, but that might not always be the case. So unless it is super important or beneficial, avoid being a head fossil digger


We obey ~1,2. 

We obey additional rules mentioned in specific server's thread. 

We acknowledge that usage of our Team Speak 3 server is for registered users only (this is a Silver Member or above, or other community Member). The default channel is there to recruit people and verify any newcomers, not for strangers to hang around in. 

We obey justified authority of higher-ranked members.